Students are welcome to come to class and learn face to face from an instructor. Direct interaction and working closely with other students in a more personal environment makes a difference.

ONLINE Classroom/Online, Evening/Weekend Learning Options

Learn the way you like!

Asian beautiful female student study in library with laptop

If it’s a long commute for them, students have the option to learn from the comfort of their home, school or anywhere else. Learning is important and that’s all that counts.

What You Get


Certificate Of Completion

You will get a certificate of completion once the course is complete.


  • Offers several lucrative careers
  • High salaries
  • Programming jobs are here to stay
  • Programming jobs are everywhere and in every industry
  • Helps even if you choose a completely different career
  • Develops creativity
  • Innovation Teaches teamwork
  • Individual effort Develops well-rounded resume for college
  • Is part of most things we do Solves complex and challenging problems
  • Makes the world a better place

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President’s Volunteer Service Award

Want to receive recognition from the President of the United States of America?

Volunteer with Red Bear to accumulate certified hours for the President’s Volunteer Service Award

Join our volunteer programs to meet your philanthropic and accomplishment goals!